Bringing Island Quality
to the World

Providing Potato Testing Services in Canada’s Potato Capital

The P.E.I. Potato Quality Institute is owned by the potato producers of Prince Edward Island.

This not-for-profit organization functions under the guidance of a Board of Directors, consisting primarily of potato producers. The Potato Quality Institute is accredited by CFIA and is one of five accredited in Canada.

Bins of sprouting seed potatoes in dirt at PEIPQI
Potato lab testing equipment
Greenhouse filled with bins of sprouting seed potatoes in dirt
Vials of labeled potato testing samples PEIPQI
PEI Potato Quality Institute lab testing equipment
Beakers and lab equipment for soil and potato testing at PEIPQI

Our Services

BRR (Bacterial Ring Rot)

Export Virus Testing

Post Harvest Testing

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

PSTV, PMTV and PVYn Testing

Nuclear Audit Testing

Summer Leaf Testing

Soil Testing